Wordle 2 Game

Do you know Wordle? Wordle 2 is the sequel to the fanous word search puzzle. In Wordle 2 you have to guess six-letter words and you have 6 tries to get the correct answer. After each attempt, you will receive colored hints to help you advance in the game. The player's task is to fill the grid with the correct words and win.

How to play Wordle 2?


Enter any letter in the first empty cell. Use the on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the grid. All your guesses must be valid 6 letter words.


Press the Enter button to submit your response. If the word does not exist, it will turn red and the answer will not be accepted. Retype such a word and try sending it again.


Colored hints will help you progress in the game. Green tiles in the grid mean the correct letter is in the correct location. If you see yellow tiles, it means that you have chosen the right letter, but you should place it in another spot. Gray tiles mean that the selected letters do not occur in the word.


Use the Backspace button to delete mistakenly written words and letters.


Your task is to fill in the grid with correct words using no more than six attempts.

Did you like Wordle 2 Game?

Wordle 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed online puzzle game Wordle. Wordle 2 has some changes compared to its predecessor. This version is more difficult because now the player's task is to guess 6-letter words instead of 5-letter words. What's more, you can play a new game every 12 hours while the first Wordle was updated every 24 hours. Wordle 2 is a great way to increase your vocabulary without spending a lot of time on it. This is the perfect alternative for those who found the first Wordle too easy, but don't like games like Quordle and Octordle where you have to search for multiple answers at the same time.